KayO.LA Bio

KayO.LA is High Tech Stoner I.T. eMCee Straight From Los Angeles. A Co-Creator Of StoneAgeMag.com Home of Underground Hip Hop culture. News, Articles, and Media for the people. BBoyz, BGirls, Emcees, DJs, and Graffers, Everyone. He has been Posting A Brazilian Music Podcast Every Sunday For the last six months titled The “Sunday Samba Series” or Http://sss.KayO.LA

The Ganja Duo is the latest creation from eMCee KayO.LA "Nuggie Fresh" a Los Angeles Native. "In Cali. Weed is Legal! All you gotta do is get a card! Boom then your down by law." In his Independent Debut Solo Album The Audiobiography: Who Are You To Say That? (2008) KayO.LA paints another picture from the streets of LA. While staying loyal to his roots KayO.LA takes on his role as Nuggie Fresh, one half of the Medical Marijuana Smoking duo Packy Chan & Nuggie Fresh. He Is Highly Supporting Yes on Prop. 19 The California Proposition Coming up This November To Legalize Marijuana For Everyone In California Over 21 Can Carry up to A Ounce! Check Out His Site http://KayO.LA for all the Latest Info & How You Can Get Involved.

photo courtesy of VNSradio.com